We help clients build lean, agile businesses by minimising cost and time to market, while also delivering standout functionality. This is what distinguishes good products from great ones. By combining relevant insights with expertise and years of experience, our team of strategists, product developers and marketers help clients make the right decisions about their business.

FDthinking blends founder workshops, focus groups and market analysis to help clients validate their concept before the development stage. Through this we obtain profound qualitative insights from key segments while gaining a practical overview of the competitive landscape. By working closely with the founders we map out the key features and workflow, reducing costs and time to market. Creating a forward thinking development roadmap to outline when additional functionality will be added to the application.

Our senior strategists and marketers provide financial planning, content strategy and promotional insights for the founder throughout the product life cycle. This supports maximum customer usage and acquisition upon launch and helps founders to quantify the cost of building their business.